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Today I created this new section “Books” to keep everybody up to date on several matters related to books that I am preparing to publish, including previews of sections of books under development, partial bibliographies, along with book reviews, and partial or full audio readings of some of the most relevant and sometimes obscure books most directly impacting the research at hand.

First things first, the multiple books that I am working on and why I am proceeding along these lines.

The main body of work regarding Earth Changes and the coming of The Destroyer will be released in a 3 part book titled

Earth Changes Decoded, Apocalypse 2025: The Dire Picture Revealed, and What We Can Do to Prepare

A summary regarding the contents and the working list of parts or chapters can be found below, but first some background.

For the last 3 years, I have been furiously attempting to complete nearly a lifetime of investigations as an independent researcher to fully decode the messages left for us by survivors of previous cycles of cataclysm, as well as the many clues left for us in the geologic record. This has turned into a very broad body of research connecting not just dozens, but hundreds of dots to complete the dire picture. At several junctures I felt that I was ready to proceed writing, only then to follow the footnotes of research works in hand and find a doubling, then a doubling again of other relevant material, some of it very old but luckily available today using book archive sites on the web. Then, after pouring through much of that additional data and research material, by 1 year ago I felt once again that I had reached the point that I could begin writing. There was yet one more big turn of events though at the beginning of this year that necessitated further delay and investigation into what I now see and am convinced is the worst-case scenario bearing down on us, an axis realignment, conflagration, and accompanying megafloods worldwide. More details about that awakening can be found in my previous post here titled, Axis Shifts, Physical Pole Flips, Rotation Reversals, & Crustal Displacements, All Dubious Ideas, But Cyclical Axis Realignment Theory May Be On To Something

Due to the depth and complexity of this book, I have decided to divide and release it in three distinct parts.

Part 1. The Week the World Changed. Seven dogmas, mainly academic, destroyed in seven days of reading your way to a new, more comprehensive, and more useful understanding of ourselves, our planet, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe.

Part 2. The Master Code. There is a message all around us, hidden in plain sight. It is what many of the myths, stories, religious scriptures, and many “histories” have been telling us all along.

Part 3. Survival Guide to Apocalypse 2025. Technologies and strategies for personal, regional, and global survival of the coming global cataclysm.

Part 1 deals with ALL of the science involved in understanding what is about to happen. This involves gaining an understanding of Plasma Cosmology and Electric Universe Theory among other things, the former being the red-headed stepchild of Cosmology and the latter often considered outright heresy in the mainstream scientific community. The big difficulty I perceive in having my outrageous hypothesis of a coming apocalypse in 2025 make sense to many involves this. I feel that until over half a dozen serious dogmatic sacred cows of academia and beyond are slain, that it will be hard to comprehend the big picture, with any one of these dogmas potentially being a total stumbling block to the new understanding of our world around us that is needed at this time.  A paradigm shift in our perceptions and realizations is required at this time. An interesting part of this work for me is attempting to, in part through self-disclosure, sincerely and successfully convey to readers the fact that I really do understand their potential difficulty in accepting this lambasting of what most people feel is accepted science. The truth is that I have had to over my lifetime overcome each and every one of these fallacious misunderstandings of reality myself, this I hope being an enabling prerequisite for helping others reach their teachable moments.

These dogmas are regarding these seven matters below. Each will take up a full-length chapter to decipher its origins and missteps, alternative theories, and its relevance to decoding the big picture.

1. History. The history that we have been spoon-fed is lie upon lie upon lie, much of it presented to us in antiquity from single, even questionable, sources and then fully accepted by academia as the gospel truth. Much of it is outright revisionist history from either the victors of battle or those who wish to be perceived as descendants of victors that never existed, with much of this likely being merely the tales and fabrications of men. I would put some of this “bogus” material alongside myth. That does not mean that is worthless though, as information was coded into some of these “histories” to help us in these times, just as is the case for the myths given to us, but I digress and am getting ahead of my self, as mythology is covered in section 2 of the book

2. Anthropology. The “story” of mankind’s development and progression from simple hunters and gatherers ten thousand years ago. all the way through the present age, is equally as bogus as the false histories described above. Modern mankind is multiple tens of thousands of years old and has developed highly advanced cities and civilizations previously, many with technologies that our modern science is still clueless about. This includes many that were not focused on current “control over” modes of operation (or is it destruction), but instead on “cooperation with” the natural order around us. These previous high civilizations gave us the pyramids, the enormous abandoned cities worldwide, and all of the worldwide megalithic structures. Why the disconnect and our current state of cluelessness about this? The previous passings of The Destroyer of worlds and civilizations of course. The widespread carnage that accompanies the passing of The Destroyer is very good at wiping away mankind and its creations, as is the passing of nearly 13,000 years of time, during which there have been numerous periods wrought with minor or regional geological cataclysms. The 18 mile wide, 5,000 yr old Burkle asteroid crater, which is in water over 2 miles deep in the Indian Ocean, is one such example of evidence of these regional civilization wrecking events, it having certainly caused giant mega-tsunamis around the entire Indian Ocean.

3. Geology. The story in the rocks and in the landscapes all around us have been interpreted, well actually misinterpreted, through jaded glasses by academics who in a zeal to break science away from religion and superstition made it a quest in the previous two centuries to discredit and bury all thoughts or mention of the worldwide conflagrations, celestial disruptions, and cataclysmic floods that the hundreds of myth traditions and other archaic sources worldwide relate to us as fact.

The origins, impetus, and hidden agenda of early glacial theory proponents along with its revisionists and over the centuries will be examined in great depth. I am certain at this point that the ice ages and extent and depth of the continental ice sheets were not all of what we have been told they were.  What will be shown is that there is another far less convoluted and physics-defying explanation for many of the boulder and till deposits throughout the world, often mixed with untold hundreds of thousands of violently broken, charred, and micro pitted mega fauna animal bones (supposedly under a 2 mile high or greater glacier), these deposits currently explained as being the result of hundreds and hundreds of repeated regional Ice Dam Mega Floods worldwide  at the end of each glacial period of the ice age. This is not even to mention the deposits in lower latitude regions where no claim of ice age glaciers is even attempted. In short, there is a great deal of information that is contrary to standard geology that academia has swept under the rug which will be examined in depth.

4. Biology. What is life and how does it develop or progress into new forms from older versions of itself? Hints? Everything has an electric component or mechanisms on some level or another, including biology. All plant and animal life has at its core a specific electrical singularity or frequency or resonance that results in the stacking or cold plasma molecular 3d printing of the organism over the life of its existence. There is some very interesting research that has been done surrounding quantitatively measuring the role of electrical charge and potential differentials along these lines that will be explored.

Evolution is not slow. It takes lurches and jumps intermittently in periods of sometimes radical transformation. These transformations are related to varied types of cosmic rays, Earth’s magnetic field, and celestial events like we have not seen in our so-called recorded history of civilization. These same events also are also biocidal to the unfortunate individuals and even entire species who fail to find adequate shelter during these events, leading to periodic mass extinctions. The last of these mass extinctions was a mere 12,800 years ago at the beginning of the Younger Dryas period, the last time The Destroyer visited.

5. Meteorology and Climate Science. Today the entire science of meteorology (weather forecasting) and climate science are based wholly on the principles of heat energy from the sun and thermodynamics. Once again, everything has an electric component on some level, from the atomic level all the way up to the universal level, weather especially so. The atmospheric wanderings of jet streams, of warm and cold air masses, as well as high and low-pressure weather systems, are largely driven by space weather, charged particle streams, and magnetic fields. The atmospheric air currents and the differing temperature and salinity of ocean currents are all examples of cold plasmas in action. What is missing in the formation of meteorological theory is the inclusion of magnetohydrodynamics, the rotating and turning motions of cold or hot plasmas in an electromagnetically charged environment, which is everywhere, all around us, all the time.

6. Standard Cosmology and Physics. Plasma cosmology and plasma physics hold many answers to the never-ending batches of surprising or totally unexpected data that we are gathering from all of our investigations with telescopes, satellites, and probes. The elusive and missing dark matter that comprises 95% of the universe we are told of, galaxies growing to fast, pulsars spinning at impossible rates, are all easily explained and understood with Electric/Plasma Universe Theory. The one topic that is the most relevant, even critical to this research, involves Electric Comet Theory, which will be covered in great depth.

7. Ancient Alien/Astronaut Theory. While not a dogma of academia, this is a dogma of a large part of the populace and I know this one will step on the toes of many who had absolutely no problem following along with the previous six. The fervor that advocates for Ancient Alien/Astronaut theory posses borders or religious fanaticism and this I do understand, being a former true believer myself. Until just a handful of years ago, I was one of the staunchest advocates of these theories surrounding the History Channel’s long-running show on the subject, until I wasn’t. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, as I do believe in other higher life or consciousness forms that may inter-dimensionally be able to interact with us or the physical environment in a limited way with some higher dimension technology. What I no longer believe in is that aliens flying around in interstellar space ships visited us in the past and are flying all around the planet today. I think the leading nations’ secret space programs can account for much of what has been seen and reported over the decades and that the governments utilizing this technology love the distraction of aliens and yearly “disclosure rumors” to help keep the citizenry off track.

The light orbs are another matter though. These orbs have been witnessed worldwide and even have been filmed prior to crop circles magically appearing in the U.K. I believe the crop circles are a form of communication. If you believe that these multiple football field long, highly complex, and often perfectly symmetrical and intricately woven designs are made by the drunk hoaxers Doug and Dave, as reported in U.K. MSM, then you may call yourself naive at this time, imho. How is any of this relative to the book though, you might ask? Well many if not most of the supposed iron-clad proofs of the existence of ancient astronauts/aliens touted by the History Channel’s show can actually be interpreted on another level, one of encoded information based upon the limited perceptions of those who long ago witnessed the passing of the Feathered Serpent of many names by many peoples. Shiva, the blue-skinned Destroyer who rides on the wings of a swan (Cygnus in early 2022) is just one example of their taking mythology related to these cycles of civilization’s destruction and insisting that it is in reference to ancient alien astronauts engaging in a war with others of their kind. It is not.

Part 2 of this book deals explicitly with all of the art, myths, stories, tales, and concocted histories of mankind that have been telling us an important message all along, a message of warning, survival, and hope for the survivors who after the Day of the Lord will no longer have the yoke of civilization and our “nation-state system” around their necks. There is much to go over here, more than you may realize. Here are just a couple of questions to ponder and research on your own. Why in the world are so many of the gods and supposedly historic leaders of antiquity colored blue in some way. For some, it is their hair, and there is another group all with blue skin (Shiva, Hathor, and Krishna to name a few)? Can anybody say Blue Star Kachina? According to some plasma cosmologists, the blue comets are the most dangerous. More on that another day. Another curiosity is why in mythology and scriptures there are common themes worldwide. Sometimes it is of the two brothers or relatives, one evil and the other nice (Cane and Able, Enlil and Enki) while other times it is of the individual wronged, usually by family members, who seeks over time his revenge and redemption (Marduk, Samson, Joseph). Then there are the numerous orphaned or secreted away babies or children who are the future leaders or Gods of their peoples who fight for redemption against the dark forces of their realm, region, or the entire world. Often there are repeating cycles where the offspring of one terrible and destructive figure walks in the footsteps of its parent, this to reflect a subsequent passing of The Destroyer, bringing destruction to humanity all over again and continuing the storyline in dramatic prose.

All of these references and many many more will be woven into a telling tapestry with a message of doom and also hope all over it for those who are ready with oil in their lamps for when the bridegroom returns.

Part 3 of this book will cover numerous technologies, many off the shelf, to maximize chances of survival during the 6 months of radiation storms of varied types and intensities prior to the final day of destruction near the end of June 2025. Strategies to help plan for a successful survival will be offered as well, including what may be safe zones from the great flood. Planning in advance for survival will be critical for success, as after The Destroyer passes we will likely have several years without a summer due to a dramatic uptick in volcanism worldwide, this disrupting basic food production. This will coincide with the onset of 40 years of miserable, rainy, damp, cold weather as the ocean’s thermohaline circulation system slowly re-establishes itself, which then eventually begins to move tropical warmth toward the poles again. Even after that though, the climate will likely be drastically cooler globally for possibly thousands or tens of thousands of years, as the time is up on this, what is called an interstadial period which we are in. Anybody can just look at the temperature charts for the last 400,000 years covering the patterned and predictable climatic swings, to gain visual confirmation of that last point, CO2 worries notwithstanding. What is coming will make the CO2 issue look like a flea on a gnat’s ass on an elephant, IMHO.

One particular potentially life-preserving technology that will be revealed in the book is something I personally co-created/invented with the universe in the late 1990s while working as an independent contractor in the residential and commercial construction industries around Houston, Texas. At the time it felt almost like a channeling of information, as if you had asked me how I came up with it, I would not have been able to give a good answer.

This technology is called Invinsulation and Invinsulation Fire Proof Building Systems. Basically steel-framed structures with cement-based composite siding, roof decking, and roofing shingles, with the linchpin of this system being the Invinsulation Insulating Shields for the wall and roof cavities. Without getting too technical, what this is is an immensely strong, super long-lasting, and completely fireproof building system with the energy efficiency of a thermos cooler, this being due in part to the triple radiant barriers encasing the rigid and fireproof cores of these ultra-lightweight cement-based Invinsulation shields/panels. It can be built using conventional and tried and true metal framing and construction technologies familiar to construction crews today. With the addition of a few off the shelf building material products readily available today, the initial design has been adapted to provide some protection from some forms of cosmic radiation.

As you can see, there is much to share, learn, and absorb concerning these matters. This book will be meticulously referenced to enable others to further research, rehash, and even challenge my work and outrageous hypothesis, as I really would like to be proven wrong on certain levels, while on another I know this cleansing is needed at this time to reset the clock and give humanity and mother earth a new beginning once again.

Even with the above book organizational structure and the in-depth research materials contained therein, I still have had concerns regarding folk’s ability to take this all in with the limited time available to us all. This has led me to first plan for the release of two mini-books, prequels of sorts. These will be referenced, but not to the extent of Earth Changes Decoded, Apocalypse 2025, with each designed to get a few big ideas/concepts out of the way, then permitting easier processing and understanding of the main three-part book. These two relatively short books are to be released in the coming months, with the main book parts/sections coming out beginning later in the year. These two books are just briefly described below with more information coming in upcoming posts.

“The Adam and Eve Story, The History of Cataclysms, A Requiem”. This book will clear up many of the false narratives going around the internet surrounding Chan Thomas’s book, “The Adam and Eve Story, The History of Cataclysms”. This includes the CIA’s involvement and top-secret classification of the briefing they received on it, as well as a review of what I believe Chan Thomas got right and wrong in his initial book and the follow-up book he wrote. This includes dispelling the #1 new age buzz concept of the day in this field, Crustal Displacement Theory. Not that an axis realignment, something I am convinced is imminent, will not cause just as much destruction, but let us at least have a better understanding of what is about to occur to potentially increase our chances of survival. My updated version of the civilization-ending events about to unfold will be detailed as well, this based on new data and insights available today.

The second short book is titled, “Hamlet’s Mill, the Great Churning Revisited”. This is a working title. This book will review and provide new insight into the outstanding quintessential book by Giorgio de Santillana dealing with “Comparative Mythology” written nearly 60 years ago. In light of more recent data and further investigations, I have found a wealth of information hidden in this work that most scholars and alternative researchers have overlooked. In my review, I go so far as to challenge what most people think the book is about, Precession of the Equinox. It is partially, and it also is not substantially so. What it is about are tales of a violent disruption or sudden movement of the center point of the millstone or wheel of stars in the sky, which today is the star Polaris. In spite of multiple myths that hint at a sudden and violent repositioning of the millstone, a possibility which Giorgio discusses with a sort of perplexion, he ends up concluding that it must have been to do with the slow steady movement over thousands of years of this point in the sky, this perceived by patient and wise peoples and recorded in myths of the direction our northern axis points throughout the ages. He does this while dismissing for lack of a mechanism or supporting data or theory that the myths refer to a sudden disruption of this point in the sky, while at the same time asking, “what is it that they might have witnessed”. He leaves other relevant questions hanging regarding things that either don’t make sense or are still just unexplained. One such question relevant to us today is, “what is the star in the East that so many cultures have referred to in scriptures, art, and in epic myth tales”. In addressing this and other matters, he states he will leave these to others to decipher in the future. He does this while making clear that his book is narrowly focused. This focus of his is on using the myths of this movement of the pole star, which is related to precession, and symbology in language or art to tie epochs to certain zodiacal signs (Moses the Ram), all to identify the ages or time periods of the myths origin and accompanying culture’s existence or time in history. I beg to differ on some of his conclusions. It is quite a complex subject, one that I feel can be better understood in light of new scientific information and with the inclusion of many other myths excluded from this work.

Once these matters in these two above mentioned books are resolved, then it will be far easier to digest and make sense of Earth Changes Decoded, Apocalypse 2025: The Dire Picture Revealed, and What We Can Do to Prepare.

Advance orders will soon be available for some forms of these books prior to their being distributed on what is likely to be the Kindle platform from Amazon. Your support is appreciated in any way you can, even if just passing on the knowledge that some new information is coming to light regarding these matters while maybe sharing this web site and its content wide and far. Thank You

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