Axis Shifts, Physical Pole Flips, Rotation Reversals, & Crustal Displacements, All Dubious Ideas, But Cyclical Axis Realignment Theory May Be On To Something


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


Before I begin, a little background may be in order.

For over 30 years I have been fascinated with the study of “End Times”, also known as eschatology (wiki), and have throughout this time continuously sought after clues as to if we really are in the “Last Days” of our current world order.  This preoccupation continued even after I left formal religion to itself and began following the Christ Spirit and divine energy within, intuitively finding my own unique path to working out my personal wellness while developing the talents and skills for what comes next in life.  Coupled with this drive was the fact that my “why” button never shut off after passing through my early childhood.  This often led to my being labeled a rebel or even trouble maker in religious, some social, and most work circles and as a result became more self-sufficient and stayed mainly self-employed over the decades. This path led to more time as an autodidact and lateral thinker to investigate the great questions and mysteries of the universe, challenging faulty dogmatic paradigms or outlandish alternative theories all along the way. I try to model my critical thinking these days along the lines of the great modern scientific heretic Rupert Sheldrake (his youtube channel link). This inquisitiveness and skeptical sort of contrarianism has even extended to my own ideas, especially an outrageous hypothesis so crazy as the soon coming mid-summer 2025 great day of trumpets in the sky, fire and brimstone, geological upheaval, and a nearly global flood.  It is healthy to question all ideas, especially magnanimous and outrageous ones of your own prior to sharing them with the world.  I ask you to understand as you read, analyze, or critique my work and ideas to know that I have spent untold months upon months in recent years furiously attempting to and hoping to disprove what I felt I discovered regarding Comet Panstarrs K-2 (wiki), its being very bad news for civilization.  I am still constantly looking for missteps, and as you will read below, not afraid to change my understanding upon being presented with new information. I have investigated many ways to shoot down my seeming wild conjecture regarding the soon coming of The Destroyer(video link), but in the end, only confirmed it more at nearly every turn.  To my friends and soon to be arriving critics, I am only here to help and take the sharing of this research very solemnly and seriously. Thank you everybody for future constructive input and productive discussions while we finish decoding the mystery before us.

Let me back up a bit now.  Even after identifying Comet K-2 as The Destroyer in 2017, for many reasons soon forthcoming, I had still resisted embracing the ideas circulating regarding the dynamics of a particular and dramatic “earth change” currently referred to as a pole shift, flip, reversal, or crustal displacement event.  I still do hold good scientific reasons to question these often confused and interchanged theories as valid or theoretically feasible, which I will elaborate on only briefly below, but then something unexpected happened and eventually, I went (kicking and screaming for a bit) through the door of perception of a new possibility. That was the last turning of the last tumbler on the lock I have been working on for what seems my entire life now in one way or another.  I ask you to bear with me and consider new possibilities as I help decode the topic at hand in this post today and many more interrelated matters over the coming months and years.

There is currently much confusion over a topic that has been discussed since the middle of the last century by many men of renown, including Albert Einstein himself.  This idea is that the geological features and the massive outsized fluvial deposits of bolder and debris fields found all over the world most obviously were the result of cataclysmic megafloods or upheavals of the oceans out of their banks and over great portions of many of the continents.  This idea has several variants that are often confused or referred to without a full understanding of each.

Let us start out with something simple and less dramatic that it seems everybody agrees does occur, a magnetic pole reversal The geologic record shows these magnetic pole reversals, times when the magnetic north and south poles switched, as well as the record of many many more magnetic excursions which are times of fluctuating, weakening, or even a temporary flipping of the magnetic poles.  These are potentially civilization-threatening events in so much as these events seem to occur in conjunction with a severe weakening of the magnetic field, the one that protects us from harmful cosmic rays and more.  Electronic communications could be in jeopardy as could worldwide crop production during a reversal or excursion.  This event though poses no risk of the oceans flooding over the continents, at least according to most.  Let me explain.

There is one version of this idea going around YouTube these days that purports such an event is coming in 40 some years, a magnetic and physical revolution reversal, this due to some universal Clock Cycle that was discovered in the 1990s. The seemingly genuine and nice fellow promoting the idea through a Foundation on YouTube claims that instantaneously in a single moment the earth’s magnetic field will reverse as this interdimensional galactic switch flips and the earth physically and quite abruptly will begin revolving in the opposite direction.  This cycle then repeats after so many thousands of years and then the Earth reverses spins back the other way.  If this happened, it obviously would cause the oceans to slosh over all the continents on one side or the other for ALL of them.  There is no evidence in the geologic record of these repeating uniform East to West or West to East megafloods coast to coast worldwide on all the continents simultaneously.  There also is plenty of physics science to show that is impossible to reverse that much force and inertial spin with magnetic forces that are overall very weak in relation to the inertia in play, especially with a severely weakened or even no orderly magnetic field for a while, something typical of these magnetic reversal events.

Another idea being discussed widely these days is that the earth physically flips over when a magnetic pole reversal happens, this being a physical pole reversal, but just think about that.  Then the magnetic reversal would not show up in the geologic record, as we would continuously realign with the new North pole every time the Earth’s magnetism reversed, yet the magnetic record shows clear reversals over time for stationary locations but in different aged strata.  Also, it seems that the physics do not allow for the force required to effect such a flip from the likely prolonged weakened magnetic field concurrent with these times of magnetic pole reversal. However, I have learned in life to never says never, and have seen circumstantial evidence of rotating bodies flipping on their oven see THIS effect(30 sec. video link), and a few of the hundreds of myths, tales and histories handed down to us talk of the sun rising in the opposite direction possibly long term, not for a day. There are also a few myths from some tribes that talk of the earth tipping over, but does that mean upside down over, or just over on its side a bit. More on the latter below. The remaining problem with this idea is that the star maps in the Northern Hemisphere from ancient and widely diverse cultures would have exposed this as a thing with star charts of the southern sky. I have heard of scant, but not necessarily no, evidence of this and the matter is still under investigation.

Then there is what is called an Axis Shift, which according to its proponents constitutes the spin axis points on the Earth, the North & South Poles, moving to other faraway geographical points on the globe, causing a twisting or torquing of the globe, slinging water over land masses, causing geologic upheaval, and re-arranging what latitudes and climates are found over any given geographic location.  The evidence this is unlikely is found in the geologic record and is basically the same as for the next idea or theory, the granddaddy of them all detailed below.

The BIG idea since mid last century seeking to explain the massive megaflood features worldwide as well as other geologic and archaeologic mysteries has been something called the “Crustal Displacement Theory”.  This idea was advocated extensively over the second half of the last century by Charles Hapgood who wrote several books about it and related alternative history topics.  It was Albert Einstein who wrote the foreword to one of Hapgood’s books, The Path of the Pole, and this idea has been a favorite theory of Graham Hancock’s (video link)  over the years to account for many unanswered mysteries.  In 1963 Chan Thomas published and in 1993 republished The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms, a book which has received great internet and YouTube attention over the last couple of years, this mainly due to the intrigue of the CIA classifying a briefing about the book (link is to CIA archives FOIA release with link to pdf of the now declassified briefing).  He also published a follow-up version called Aftermath of the Adam and Eve Story  Here is a good link to both books. In the first book, Chan claims to have come up with a new mechanism to prove that Crustal Displacement is a reality, that mechanism being magnetohydrodynamics (video link).  I do agree that magnetohydrodynamics will to come into play as The Destroyer makes its way through our solar system, but not to cause any crustal slippage.

Crustal Displacement Theory, in spite of all its proponents, is still pretty easy to pick apart and fault with modern geologic data, especially with the extensive paleomagnetic record (wiki) we now have of the ocean floors, just one method to backdate the earth’s magnetic record.  This is a method of measuring the magnetic record in the bedrock of the spreading sea floors.  These show the variations in strength, inclination, direction, and polarity over millions of years.  According to Hapgood’s theory, the crust of the earth occasionally slips free of the mantle during times of cataclysmic upheaval and this has happened many times and been witnessed by humanity.  If this was the case and the crust slipped maybe 60 degrees off-kilter every few thousand or every few tens of thousands of years, then it would show up as clear discontinuities in the otherwise incrementally changing paleomagnetic record.  No such discontinuities are present.  Also, there is the problem with Hot Spots like the Hawaiian island chain and Yellowstone which show a slow creep overhead of the overlying and moving plates going back tens of millions of years.  If crustal displacement was a thing, then these mantle hot spots would instantaneously appear under new spots on the globe.  The geologic record clearly does not show this happening.

At this point a couple of years ago I had resoundingly dismissed most of these radical ideas and theories (the clock cycle/magnetic pole reversal/earth spin reversal concept was a new one for me until 18 months ago). By this time one year ago I believed that the just of my research into Earth Changes, The Apocalypse in 2025, and the return of The Destroyer was reaching completion and that I could begin writing, publishing, and sharing details at any time.   It was at the beginning of this year of 2020 though that once again the universe had plans of its own, including my further education on the above-discussed subject that I had become largely dismissive of.  While hanging out at a North Austin, Texas plant nursery and wellness center on a rainy winter day I happened to catch eye of a particular book on a shelf titled, The Celestial Clock” by William A. Gaspar I notice right away that it discussed matters relevant to my research into comparative mythology, archaeoastronomy, new cosmology, flood and destruction tales and began reading it.  Before not too long I realized that the book and its’ author Dr. Gaspar were suggesting a mechanism, or method, or concept regarding a catastrophic change in earth’s orientation in a way that I had never seen presented before.

Once I understood the thesis of the book I realized that I had to analyze and handily disprove this new theory as the final step in finishing my research, until I found that not only could I not disprove it through science and logic, but found this new theory helped in actually solving and tying up many loose ends regarding dramatic comparative mythological stories or curious and out of place geological deposits or formations. Other very relevant research data was providentially brought to light on several fronts to give more insight into this possibility, including written works going back to the 1800s outlining similar ideas presented in a scientific manner. Here is one example.  Cyclical Deluges: An Explication of the Geological Phenomena of the Globe, by Proofs of Periodic Changes of the Earth’s Axis; Embracing a Theory Founded on Geographical Facts, on the True Geological Formation of Carboniferous Mineral. by William Bassett Walker. 1871  The above book link has download options available including to pdf file.

This new(old) idea in The Celestial Clock is that what occurs during these events is a realignment of the direction the North Pole points at, which is Polaris today.  Basically a shift from pointing 23.5 degrees in one direction, to shifting 47 degrees straight across the sky, this moving it from Polaris to near Vega in part of one day or night, cutting across the great zodiacal wheel and celestial disk.  This is different from the above-described “axis shift” in that with this theory the North Pole remains in the same place but is just pointing at a starkly different direction in the sky after the shift or axis reorientation. When considering this new hypothesis along with what I know and can visualize regarding the path of Comet K-2 and plasma cosmology and action at a distance, I saw synchronicity and harmony like that of a grand clock about to strike 12 Midnight.  Answers to myths or tales about the long day, the long night, the day the sun rose twice, the day the sun set twice, the day the sun moved to a new quarter of the sky, the night the stars in Asia dove to the SE, the night the stars began to swim in new paths, the seasons reversing in a day, the disruption of the center axis point of the celestial millstone, loose ends resolved regarding questions left hanging in Hamlet’s Mill, etc., etc., all became understandable and plausible but only on a new level of perception regarding modern plasma cosmological science.

Yes, a big cataclysmic flood is coming, this right after a horrific Earth scorching conflagration across much of the globe the same day, this all following 6 months of varied types of radiation storms, this amidst years of phenomenally strange weather and major volcanism and seismic activity,  and all of this just proceeding 4 years without a summer, dramatic climate changes lasting decades, and a fast shift into a new ice age, although it will not be the type of ice age you have been taught to envision.  Humanity has witnessed this in the past and the survivors did what they could to warn us.  The messages are everywhere in ancient art, literature, scripture, myth, architecture, and more.  Yet the warnings have become garbled and misrepresented and the astronomical entities witnessed and wrote about have become personified to the point of universal cult worship worldwide.  There is “much pain” coming as we were warned in 2012(interesting), the year The Destroyer crossed right over the top of the sun, through its birkland currents (wiki), yet still at a great distance in its steep plunging axial orbit, possibly sparking the civilization-ending CME that luckily was pointed away from Earth that July.  Was that The Destroyer ringing the doorbell and leaving its calling card in 2012, the year many cultures expected its return.  Maybe the time frame of this return and length of the period of destruction has also become garbled over the last 13 millennia and everything is actually right on track.

Now there is very little time left to prepare.  In a little under 2 years Comet K-2/The Destroyer/the Abomination of Desolation, after having put on a brilliant spring and summer show streaking past the constellation Cygnus the Swan and then across the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer will in August of 2022 be cutting through the heart of the constellation Scorpio with its tail stretching into the constellation Sagittarius and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy (the Holy of Holies) just as it CROSSES the elliptic for the 1st of two times during its visit and Descends into the Underworld.  Then 4 months later (just over 2 years from today), after reaching perihelion on the day of our winter solstice 2022, Comet K-2 will be taking aim at cutting directly through the southerly flowing birkland current of the Sun, except at relatively close range.  Expect the fireworks to begin at that time if they have not already begun, and then to continue through 2025 in one form or another when we witness what action from a distance can do relative to highly charged objects in an electric-plasma universe. In 2023 it rises from its journey through the Underworld as the brilliant morning star/god in the East and then during Christmas 2023 will be crossing directly across the Belt of Orion. In early 2024 it will be looping around the upper body of Orion, an omen that the year of doom has arrived according to ancient Egyptian texts.  Jupiter (Zeus) intercepts The Destroyer at the end of 2024 as it CROSSES the elliptic and the heliospheric neutral sheet for the second time, this as it settles in right between the Horns of the Bull in the constellation Taurus.  Expect some interplanetary galactic fireworks at this time.  Look if you dare as 2025 progresses, as the comets previously streamlined yet massive tail is then diffused wildly by Jupiters jumping in between K-2’s and the Sun’s electromagnetic plasma connection. Medusa returns, this as the Earth is showered in X-rays, cosmic rays, possibly gamma-rays, and more.  The radiation storms will vary in type and intensity for 6 months due to interplanetary circuitry, most importantly the Jupiter – Sun connection and what happens when the Earth passes through this charged particle stream. In the Spring of 2025, we will become one contact point (3d planetarium to see for yourself.  Move above sun and zoom to the proper level. Compare planetary alignment with below schematic) in the grandest of sacred spiral planetary alignment circuits, what I will call the Jupiter effect on steroids.   All of the planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter will fall along this natural spiral flow of energy, this happening just as Jupiter is being electromagnetically sucked hard or drawn down by the fleeing K-2 which will massively increase the streams of radiation along this path.

Disclaimer. Image used is fair use and from the below peer-reviewed paper regarding the Sun-Jupiter-Earth connection and what happens to Earth when we find ourselves in the path of this charged particle stream.  The authors do not endorse or promote and are not associated with this “end of this world as we know it” theory in any way.  Unexpected Cyclic Behavior in Cosmic-Ray Protons Observed by PAMELA at 1 au (link to the research paper). 

Expect radiation storms from the direction of Venus when it may actually develop a temporary tail for those remaining survivors to see when not hiding underground or in protected above-ground structures.  All of this is leading up to that fateful day near the end of June 2025 when a new Heaven (new path and orientation of the stars of the night sky) and a new Earth (largely scorched and washed clean of civilization) will start the cycle anew.

I have tried to touch on many bases in this first full-length post, not to show off in any way or to try and baffle anybody with bullshit, but to queue everybody in into just how much is out there to discuss and learn about, as this post just barely scratches the surface on a dozen topics out of many many dozens of interrelated items that complete the picture and decode the most important message humanity has ever had to confront, with no time to spare.  These all will be hashed over in great detail in continued blog posts here and in my website, in videos in the future on my YouTube Channel, on Onstellar, at, via torrents, in Podcast and radio interviews, and in a complete series of books.  There are 2 prequel books of sorts in production, in advance of the fully referenced and meticulously covered main 3 part book series.  More information about these in my next post.  All information will eventually be available in many places to not require folks to have to buy a book series to try and save their lives.  The books may just be the best most long-term secure way to receive and preserve the material for many while providing resources for advancing this research and the future of our species.

We can survive and we can make it different this time and find a way to leave a more coherent and obvious message to humanity for the next passing of The Destroyer.  It will take quite the effort though and lots of planning to give this new knowledge legs of its own, but not to worry, as I am OCD enough to have been working on that for quite a while now.  With your help and a little providence from the Universe we just may be able to change how it goes this time, at least for some of humanity.  Instead of survivors with amnesia, we can become those who thrive after the worldwide civilization reset learning to work in cooperation with Mother Earth, not in competition with each other as to who can disassemble, pollute, and disrupt her natural order the fastest.  Infinite growth on a finite planet = insanity IMHO.

Follow along with this body of research and process the reality before you and then become dauntless in your pursuit of solutions with others of like mind!

Please join me in this bold endeavor in any way you can.  Word of mouth may be all we need, as we are just all separated by 7 degrees or contacts they say.

Yes, in spite of the pending doom! It Provides Healing, Strength, & Wellness.

Vince Talkz

Don’t forget the Z for Zanney!





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