Are You Ready To Have Your Mind Blown? Well Follow Me Down The Rabbit Hole That I Have Discovered & Buckle Your Seat Belt!

Stay tuned for amazing and in depth details regarding a bombshell Outrageous Hypothesis that I am certain is in our immediate near future reality. All the signs, the science, and the myths have been screaming the message that is in plain sight, that is for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Get ready to have longstanding reductionist dogmas challenged in short order on numerous fronts, as the time of testing is upon us and there is no time to waste waiting for peer reviewed journals to block new information and dogmatic academics to mock and slander the worldwide human tragedy of unimaginable proportions and the complete paradigm shift that is but a handful of years away. Only the dauntless will survive the passing of The Destroyer. I will do my part to help you along that narrow path.

I stand on the shoulders of many alternative history, geology, cosmology, and other genres of mighty giants. These giants have played their part in deciphering the messages left by the survivors of previous cycles of global cataclysm, this while suffering through an ignorant world culture with amnesia of our true history. Truly giants they are. And what exactly is it that I have discovered while standing on all their shoulders over the last 3 decades and especially so over the last 3 years? Well I have solved the puzzle, the secret society and prophetic riddle of all ages. Specifically I have discovered currently unpublished details of not just how and by what mechanisms but also specifically when the current world order will be erased from this planet, the ushering in of a new age, this while also intuiting and researching for decades the technologies and strategies that we will need to survive and then thrive under the new heavens and on the new earth. Somebody had to, no? As Kid Rock has said, “It ain’t bragging if you back it up”

Stay tuned!

Vince Talkz

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